GOBIND RAM KAHAN CHAND established in 1805 at Lahore and had started manufacturing and marketing of Ayurvedic Medicines and Sharbat Lahore and continued unabatedly for the last two centuries.

After partition of India and Pakistan, the Head office has been shifted to Delhi and factory was incepted at Delhi, Gwalior, Nahan and Haryana. The company is Aestablished Company for the last 210 years in Ayurvedic Medicine, Food products and all herbal products. One office is in Dubai where one Director is looking after the foreign trade.

GK had name and fame which did not escape a chronicler like Pran Nevile". Pran in his “Lahore-A sentimental Journey” {1997} Harper Collins publishers, New Delhi-2, P#221 write about us: -

for Women)
This preparation contains Gold & Silver Bhasmas and real Pearl (Mukta) pishti in addition to Vitogen ‘F’ formula.
LIVO - 82
(For Liver)
This preparation is specially formulated for treating Liver disorders. It stimulates the secretion of bile and improves digestion.
(For Children)
This is a special preparation formulated for growing infants between the age group of 3 to 12 months.
(Stress Reliever)
This is a special preparation to relieve stress related problems, bad food habits, indigestion worries, hyper acidity.
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